Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco


For anyone who is familiar with the book Born to Run, and let’s face it, most runners are, you must check out the documentary Run Free, all about the Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco and the story of the man behind it.

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Accountabili-buddies. The best thing since sliced bread. 

img_6033We’re about the same standard of runner. We have similar goals in terms of distances and race times. And now we are holding each other to account. And it’s working.

Sara and I both went to our very first club run with our running club, Mornington Chasers, on the same night. It was a spooky Halloween run through Hampstead Heath with head torches. Being the newbies, we stuck together and chatted the whole way. Turns out, we have a lot in common. We live close by to each other, she’s veggie and I’m vegan, we’re each the youngest of our siblings, we did our first marathons about the same time…it goes on. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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I’m back!!

The title of this post has two meanings – one, I’m literally back on the blog, having taken a break over Christmas and January (for reasons I will explain) and also, two – today was my first race of the 2016 race calendar, along with my first long run of the year, meaning I am back in a running sense as well. And it feels good.

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So, what now?

I am still riding high on the crest of this awesome marathon wave, if you could bottle and sell the runners high, you could make a fortune! I’m pretty sure that the return to work tomorrow will well and truly bring me back down to earth with a bump, so I’m going to eat and drink lots today as my last day of post-marathon rest, then get up early tomorrow for a small, easy jog and get right back on it!

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