The great headphone debate

It seems recently UKA have changed their rules on competitors wearing headphones during races. From what I understand, if the race is (even partially) on single carriageway roads which are not closed off to traffic, then the use of headphones is not permitted under UKA rulings.

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Data geek

img_6117I am a data geek. I always run with my Garmin.  I love to review my runs and look at the routes, splits, elevation gain and compare my progress from previous runs. I know there are two schools of thought on this and some people are firm believers of running for the joy or running and not focusing on the data behind it, but that’s just not me.

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A pinch of salt

It is almost marathon taper time. With this in mind, I have decided to give myself some other little challenges to focus on over the next couple of weeks to avoid the maranoia setting in like it did last time. For those who aren’t familiar with it, maranoia refers to all the self-doubt that creeps in during the taper in the last few weeks before a marathon when you scale back your mileage in preparation for the big day.

So, I have decided to set myself 3 health challenges to keep me occupied and my mind on other things and I thought I would outline them quickly here.

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Accountabili-buddies. The best thing since sliced bread. 

img_6033We’re about the same standard of runner. We have similar goals in terms of distances and race times. And now we are holding each other to account. And it’s working.

Sara and I both went to our very first club run with our running club, Mornington Chasers, on the same night. It was a spooky Halloween run through Hampstead Heath with head torches. Being the newbies, we stuck together and chatted the whole way. Turns out, we have a lot in common. We live close by to each other, she’s veggie and I’m vegan, we’re each the youngest of our siblings, we did our first marathons about the same time…it goes on. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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