Slow but no regrets. I think.

I’m wondering how many people are feeling like me right now; I had a long break from anything health-related over the festive period and, while I very much enjoyed myself, I am trying very hard not to feel a certain level of sadness over my lost fitness levels or beat myself up too much about the extra pounds floating around my middle…

2016 in review – 12 medal challenge

Way back in late December 2015 I decided to set myself a challenge for 2016 which would take the whole year to complete. The 12 medal challenge was simple (in terms of the rules, not the actual challenge itself) all it involved was achieving one medal per month for the whole of 2016. Any distance, anywhere, just one per month.

Today, Sunday 4th December, I have just completed this challenge and with it my race calendar for 2016. So here is a little summary of the year race-by-race. You’re welcome.

I must also add here that you are right in thinking that there are 16 medals in the picture. Overachiever.

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Data geek

img_6117I am a data geek. I always run with my Garmin.  I love to review my runs and look at the routes, splits, elevation gain and compare my progress from previous runs. I know there are two schools of thought on this and some people are firm believers of running for the joy or running and not focusing on the data behind it, but that’s just not me.

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A pinch of salt

It is almost marathon taper time. With this in mind, I have decided to give myself some other little challenges to focus on over the next couple of weeks to avoid the maranoia setting in like it did last time. For those who aren’t familiar with it, maranoia refers to all the self-doubt that creeps in during the taper in the last few weeks before a marathon when you scale back your mileage in preparation for the big day.

So, I have decided to set myself 3 health challenges to keep me occupied and my mind on other things and I thought I would outline them quickly here.

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