Running Mojo – Will it stay or will it go?

I am well on the way with my marathon training at the minute and – touch wood – I’m feeling good. My long runs have now hit the longest they will be prior to the event, as I am following a plan which advocates for only getting to 80% of the maximum distance in training and let the rest happen through the magic of race day. I think many running coaches advocate for this method – there is an interesting article about it here

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Vegan’it Easy

Spirulina. Amaranth. Millet. Chia. Flax. Chlorella. Hemp oil. Nutritional yeast. My kitchen cupboards are brimming with items I never even knew existed two years ago. But now I can often be found in the aisles of Holland and Barrett and my local health food store, Peppercorns, scouting out these random and wonderful products which, if I’m honest, I’m still not entirely certain how to use to their full potential. I chuck some into smoothies and salads, replace rice or quinoa with bulgar wheat or amaranth, and pretty much hope for the best.

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I have been following the work of Dr Neal Barnard for a while now and think this news is so amazing, I decided to re-blog it directly from in its original format. I cannot and am not taking any credit for this article, I have simply re-blogged it exactly as it appears at the following link – – and hope you will enjoy reading it and then check out more inspiring articles on

Enjoy! Suzanne.

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