Why do we do it, I wonder?

A little thought for today…

My alarm went off at 6am this morning. It was pitch black and cold, the central heating hadn’t kicked in yet. I groggily poured myself into various layers of lycra and headed out in the heavy drizzle for a short 4 mile run, a mid-week recovery run on my new ultramarathon training plan.

Waiting to cross a main London road, busy even at that time, I was soaked head to toe by a car going unnecessarily through a puddle (which the driver had to go perilously close to the kerb to drive through) and kicking up a tidal wave of perfectly timed puddle water. Great. Thanks.

Carrying on, I next encounter a man rummaging through the garbage bags which have been left kerbside for the binmen to collect. Who knows why? Again, with perfect timing, as I passed by he happily lifted one of the bags aloft, releasing another tidal wave, this time of bin bag water which had been gathering in a pool on the top of the bags, no doubt all night, and hit me all down my right side.

As I headed home, feeling like I had already been to battle, to then get ready for a full-on day of work and meetings (and no doubt start to fight off a cold, too) it made me think ‘why do I do this?’

And the answer? For the love of running, of course! That’s why!

(And the medals!)


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