So, what now?

I am still riding high on the crest of this awesome marathon wave, if you could bottle and sell the runners high, you could make a fortune! I’m pretty sure that the return to work tomorrow will well and truly bring me back down to earth with a bump, so I’m going to eat and drink lots today as my last day of post-marathon rest, then get up early tomorrow for a small, easy jog and get right back on it!

I asked in a post a few weeks ago about what I should expect to feel like after the marathon was completed – you can read it here – and people came back with varying opinions about whether or not to take some time off or if I would be likely to jump straight into the next challenge.

Now that the time is upon me, I can tell you that I am well and truly focused on the next challenge and now want to go even further and challenge myself a bit more. Having had such a wonderful race day experience and clocking a great time for me, I am inspired to be better, to run faster and longer and see what else I can achieve.

Unfortunately I found out last week that I didn’t get a place in the ballot for the 2016 London Marathon and this seemed to seal the deal – a marathon is now in the bag, it’s time to step it up a gear!

Enter the Canalathlon – a 50km ultramarathon in March 2016. I am so excited to get on and start training for this over the winter, having something big to train for will no doubt help get me out there on the cold, icy mornings. And to keep the focus, I have a few half marathons in between, just to keep the medal collection ticking over. (For details of my races, you can see the Races page, which I keep as up to date as possible and I am hoping to add races from Dec – Feb as soon as I find some where the timing will work for my training.)

My next post will be training plans, what I did for the marathon and what I am planning to do now for the ultra. I promise I will get that written as soon as I can.

Happy running, everyone!


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