The good, the bad and the unexplainable

As an expat, I find that I spend a lot of my time comparing my new home (Canada) with my old one (England.) You might think that with both being mainly English speaking countries and with Canada being part of the Commonwealth that there isn’t much difference between the two. And you would be wrong. Even though the language, for the most part – I haven’t forgotten French Canada – is the same, the culture is still quite different.

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Oi! You! Put that cake down! 5 pointers for staying on track with that new, healthy lifestyle. By someone who is definitely not an expert.

So far, for me, 2014 has been very different to any other year in that it is now February and my resolutions are still going strong. Perhaps this is because they were less ‘resolutions’ really and more like serious life changes which I realised needed to be done. I’m approaching 30, I’m getting married and I’d like to do both looking like the best version of me possible.

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