Running Mojo – Will it stay or will it go?

I am well on the way with my marathon training at the minute and – touch wood – I’m feeling good. My long runs have now hit the longest they will be prior to the event, as I am following a plan which advocates for only getting to 80% of the maximum distance in training and let the rest happen through the magic of race day. I think many running coaches advocate for this method – there is an interesting article about it here


I am running strong, aware of what is working and what is still to be perfected. My glutes and hamstrings still need a bit more work, but my recovery and fuelling planning is coming together. I am running early in the day – up and out at 5am some days – and not minding too much or finding it hard to get out of bed. Dare I say, some days I even jump out of bed in a rather spritely manner, as I am looking forward to getting out there.

So my questions are these – how sustainable is this? What will happen after the marathon, which is only six weeks away now? What should I expect next?

As it stands right now, I am hoping to have a great run, feel proud and then I would like to push this even further and sign up for an ultramarathon next. But I have no idea what the reality is. Am I likely to want to schedule the next event straight away and keep on working hard towards the next goal? Or should I expect to lose my mojo for a while after completing something I have been working so hard towards for so long due to a bit of an anticlimax situation?

I have no idea. So I’m putting it out there to the bloggersphere and twittersphere, as I’m interested to hear what the consensus is on this. Thoughts please!


3 thoughts on “Running Mojo – Will it stay or will it go?

  1. Karen says:

    I believe you should let your body rest after the race for about 2 weeks. Try other activities, like swimming or light cycling just to keep your muscles moving while they recover. However, try to find another event that will make you start training again without letting too much time pass by. You should decide all this the weeks following the marathon, because by then you will know exactly how you feel and what distance you want to do next. Good luck!

    • Suzanne says:

      Thanks so much. It was something I was pondering when I was out running and just wondered what the general ‘norm’ is after chasing something for so long and then finally getting there (hopefully!) I hope I’ll just be spurred on to bigger, better and further!! 🙂

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