Run Away

I did it! I finally managed to get some runs in whilst on holiday.

So many times I have lugged my running kit on holiday, telling my husband (and myself) that I was definitely, 100% going to go for a run whilst away. Then one thing led to another – by that read ‘one glass of wine lead to another’ – and it never happened.

But last weekend I made it a reality, and not only that, I ran twice and got in almost 20 miles. I know exactly why and how this shift happened, too. It was down to three things;

Whole foods – Whole New Attitude

1) Now that I have changed to a whole foods vegan diet, as I mentioned in my last post here, I have so much more energy and my runs are easier, cleaner and altogether more enjoyable. It means that getting out of bed at 5am to run isn’t too much of an arduous task, even on holiday. The mental shift I had recently which started me on the whole foods path was initiated because, after coming home from a week in Spain, I was fed up with the feeling of being bloated, sluggish and a good few pounds heavier due to the lack of exercise and the over-indulging on holiday, and I realised that it isn’t worth it to me anymore. I know I can have a good time and come home with no feelings of guilt if I eat well and continue to exercise.

The Vegan Vibe

2) We were staying in Hastings at a wonderful vegan b&b called BayTree House and so the whole vibe of the holiday was slightly different to us than ones we have been on before as we have never stayed in a specifically vegan place before. I am working on a post all about vegan holidays so I won’t get too much into that right now, but I think that the fact that the whole holiday from start to finish was a positive, vegan-friendly, healthy experience was inspiring and conducive to wanting to get up and run.

Trevor and Penny who own the b&b were so accommodating and easy-going that we were able to request our breakfast for ‘about 10am-ish!’ which gave me plenty of time to run, stretch, shower, dry my long & unruly hair and be presentable to a public dining room without having to get up in the middle of the night to fit all that in before the usual stupidly early cut off point of breakfast time in many hotels.

In addition to that, the opportunity to run for miles at sunrise along the beautiful English coast was simply too enticing to miss!

Marathon Mileage

And reason 3) Marathon training isn’t something you can pick and choose to do if you want to make it across the finish line, and not only make it across, but do it in a respectable time! My weekly mileage now is pushing 60 miles and my long runs are now about 18 miles, so there really isn’t any excuse to not get it done.

My tips for running on holiday (because, obviously, now I’m an expert!)

  1. Look up a route beforehand – forewarned is forearmed and all that.
  2. In addition to that, see if you can plan a route which takes in a different landscape than you are used to. I usually run in parks, the heath or on the roads so a coastal path was a wonderful change and the miles flew by simply by looking out over the waves.
  3. Take your phone and a bit of cash in case you get hopelessly lost – even the best planned routes can go wrong! At least that way you can get back.
  4. See if there is a local Parkrun you can meet up with – Parkrun love tourists!
  5. Remember that a short run is better than no run at all – even if you don’t manage all the mileage you would if you were at home, you will most likely be doing more walking around during the rest of the holiday to make up the difference anyway.

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