How to have the best answer to the old back-to-school question “What did you do this summer?”

The UK’s first vegan and vegetarian camp for 11-17 year olds, the result of a great idea and a lot of hard work by the peeps behind the awesome social networking site TeenVGN, is taking place this summer in Bristol and it has been so well received that there is now a waiting list of wannabe campers as it is fully booked. When you have a look at the line-up of events set to take place across the 6 day camp, from 23rd-28th August, it isn’t hard to see why! I wish I was 17 again (for many reasons, but let’s not get into that!) so I could attend.

So, what are some of these fun filled events set to be? Well, there are talks from organisations such as ADI and Animal Equality, workshops where campers can make their own organic (and vegan!) lip balm, soaps etc in conjunction with Heavenly Organics, there are yoga classes, wildlife walks as well as cookery classes, team building events, theme nights, movie nights, the list goes on and on and on… There is sure to be something to occupy even the most active young veggies and vegans out there. In addition, the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION are one of the supporters of the camp and the VLA’s Founder and Managing Director, Chantal Denny, will be hosting a workshop about how easy it is to be vegan!

I am particularly excited about this camp (even though I’m too old to go!) as it combines two topics which are very important to me – young people & the power of education with veganism. With six years of experience in education, as a high school teacher and now in the education non-profit sector, the empowerment of young people is extremely high on my agenda. And being a Director for the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION, you could say veganism is pretty important to me, too!


I truly believe that if we are to be successful in achieving a ‘normal vision’ for veganism by 2020 we must work on educating the next generation, making living a vegan lifestyle an easy, logical choice which young people feel excited to be ambassadors of, without the usual puzzled looks, mocking and ill-informed questions about protein which us older generations battle from our peers who have never been educated on the ‘vegan way.’ And what better way to start? This camp will educate, inform, inspire, entertain, enthuse and excite our young vegans who will hopefully, in turn, pass this on to their friends, family, classmates and even their own children one day, paving the way for a brighter vegan tomorrow!

Happy Camping!

Suzanne | Director of Associate Benefits & Association Development | VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION | @soosie_smith | 

Where to find out more;

For more information, you can visit the TeenVGN website here – – or follow TeenVGN on Twitter – @TeenVGN

For details on the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION visit our website – – and perhaps consider joining us (it’s free!) or follow us on Twitter @VeganLifeAssoc and @VEGAN24news

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