My Pret Musings

My Pret Musings – The Vicious Vegan Circle

I love Pret, their filter coffee is 99p, organic and delicious. And sometimes they give it you for free, which is always good. Their fresh fruit is, without fail, perfectly ripe for me – I like my bananas a little on the green side – and of course they donate the food left over at the end of the day to the homeless. Ticks in all boxes there.

Their range of vegan foods isn’t bad as far as ‘eating on the go’ goes. There is often a vegan soup option as well as the superfoods sandwich and salad, a porridge option, a mango quinoa pot and, of course, the fresh fruit and popcorn bags among others.
However, the thing I have been pondering is this – quite often, the ‘constructed’ vegan food options (i.e. sandwiches, soups, salads) are sold out when I go in, even if it is around what you would call a regular lunch time. I presume this is because they make less of them than the non-vegan dishes?
I can’t decide what I feel about this. Should people who are not vegan, and therefore could easily consume something else, only be buying the ‘something else’ to leave us vegans with the choice OR should we be encouraging non-vegans to buy the superfoods salads, thus celebrating the fact non-vegans are branching out, promoting our great lifestyle without doing much actual work and perhaps implying to Pret that they should make more of these items? Surely if they are selling out it suggests people are buying them = so make more! Are they worried they will tip the balance from selling out to throwing away? And even if they do, they would be donated to the homeless anyway, so everyone wins. OR is it simply that there are more of us Pret-gobbling vegans out there than we thought?!
I’m not really going anywhere with this, it’s just something I have been thinking about. I suppose, if pushed, I would have to land in the camp of ‘encourage the non-vegans to buy the vegan options and I will go hungry, satisfied by knowing that the word is spreading.’
(I promised a post a week, I didn’t say it would be good!)

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