It’s been a while. Five months to be precise. Half Marathon Training – Update Five


It’s been a while. Five months to be precise.

I have been running the whole time. Well, not the whole time, but you get what I mean. I suppose I should say I have been running consistently whilst I have been away from the blog and definitely getting stronger and faster, although there have been a few blips in-between but I’ll get to all that in due course.

It’s time to take control of this again and get back to updating the blog on a regular basis – after all, I do have 47 devout followers who may well think I have run off the edge of the earth. And I know some of the 47 just like to read about the embarrassing things I do, like the lift debacles from way back when.

The reason I have been terrible at updating this is that we moved back to London, got a new flat, started new jobs and the days are whizzing by. Excuses, excuses.

This morning when I was out for my early morning run (I’ll get to explaining that shortly, too) I listened to a No Meat Athlete podcast (another thing to explain – lots to update on!) all about commitment and how the irony of commitment is that it is oddly liberating, or some such quote from a lady in Starbucks. You can listen to it via iTunes, and I urge you to do so. The long and short of it is that by making a commitment and verbalising it, you can free your mind from the horrible time agonising over whether to do something and actually enjoy the doing.

So, with that in mind I have decided I am going to upload a post per week minimum, as I think it is an achieveable target and will ensure I am updating my blog regularly. However, I want to point out now that I will not be able to post one next week as I will be on holiday and will be unplugged for the week to try and truly relax. But, after that, get ready. One whole post a week! Big commitment right there. I was inspired to make the written commitment after listening to the podcast, but I have also just recently re-committed to a training programme and will be telling anyone who cares more about that in a future post, too, as it ties in nicely.

So, the half marathon update the title of this post lead you to expect…


The update is that I did it and it was great. Due to us moving back to London from Toronto, I wasn’t able to participate in the original half I was training for, but I found an alternative which was only about two weeks earlier and so ended up running the Hackney Vitality half marathon instead. I did manage to get the race shirt from the one I missed in Canada, although I do feel like a bit of a fraud wearing it!

The half I did run went well, it was a hot day and there were about 13.000 participants or so I believe. I finished in 1hr 54mins and was very pleased with that. I don’t think I fuelled as well as I could do though, so that is something to work on for the next one. And by next one, I mean the ‘big one!‘ Again, something to update on. But if I give it all away now, there won’t be any content left for my one-per-week uploads!

So, the topics which are underlined here will form content for upcoming posts and I will link back to this one when they are done.

Until then, rest assured that I am here, I am running and I have lots to tell you.

Phew! I hear you all say in unison!


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