I love you, dear trainers, but it is time to say goodbye. Half marathon training – update two

Today has been a very sad day indeed.

The time has come to retire my beloved trainers. They are battered, smelly and I now realise they had no cushioning left in them whatsoever. But they have been with me every step of the way of this incredible journey (literally) as I have clocked up close to 600 miles, achieved my first 10k medal and found a love of running. I am so attached to these trainers I can’t bring myself to throw them out, they represent such a big change in my life, but what the heck am I going to do with them now?? I felt so sorry for them sitting there next to the newer, younger, springier trainers I have replaced them with that I moved them to the opposite side of the cupboard. Poor, stinky things.


My beloved Nikes

That being said, I broke in my new trainers today with some gruelling hill repeats and I really noticed the difference the extra cushioning made, so it was definitely the right time to make the switch. I am certain I am going to love my new ones, but they’ll never mean as much to me.

New trainers for the second era

New trainers for the second era

I am now well into my training plan and it is going great. I am actually enjoying mixing up my runs with cross training and I have seen a greater impact on the scales too, which I presume is down to shocking my body by doing something new. I also enjoy the challenge of hill repeats and because of timing the bursts and switching my speed up and down, my hill repeat runs seem to go by the fastest of all.  My long run mileage is now pushing double figures, something I would never have thought I could do a year ago. All in all, it’s going quite well.

So, here’s to a successful second running era PN (Post-Nikes) I will always love you…


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