Vegan eats and vegan treats

Since adopting a vegan lifestyle 5 months ago, I have constantly been reaping the rewards. I have more energy, I am much more concious about what I eat and I am making ethical food choices which I am proud of and can stand behind, I’ve lost over 42 pounds (3 stone) and feel healthier than ever before.

At times it can be hard whilst adjusting to what you can and can’t consume – but with a little bit of thought and some time on the internet, things become clearer and it isn’t that bad after all.

One of the exciting things is discovering new recipes and trying foods I hadn’t even heard of or contemplated eating before. When we first made the switch, we didn’t eat at restaurants or have take out as it was easier to cook dishes at home and then we knew exactly what the ingredients were. But, as time has gone on, we are getting more confident and are attempting to be a bit more adventurous.

The prompt for this blog post was the amazing Indian take away food we had last night. With a little research and leg work we discovered a fantastic take away which served some of the dishes we had identified as vegan. Cue a mouthwatering bhindi masala (okra with tomatoes, garlic and spices), chana masala (curried chickpeas), chapati (unlike naan bread, if there is no ghee spread on the chapati after cooking then it is a vegan option) and boiled rice. The trick behind finding vegan options of Indian food, or so I believe, is to avoid anything which is cooked with ghee, a type of butter, and to avoid the classic curry dishes with rich sauces which will be likely to include animal products.

We also had a tasty Chinese meal last weekend at a new restaurant which had opened near to our home. There, we opted for a tofu dish with salt and pepper, Chinese celery and lotus root (which I hadn’t even heard of beforehand) and a dish of green beans, along with steamed rice, which I am sure may not sound wonderful to the carnivores reading this, but believe me, it was!

There are vegan options everywhere, you just have to try a bit harder. And really, what is so bad about taking a little extra time to think about what you are consuming? After all, we are what we eat.

So, feeling a little more adventurous I took to the kitchen to rustle up some goodies. Whilst there are lots of savoury vegan options to be found, one thing there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of out there are vegan desserts, especially when you go out to eat. I suppose that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it stops the greed factor and the consumption of a big, calorific pudding. But sometimes, you just want a little bit of something sweet after dinner, and we all deserve a little treat every now and again.

Once I learnt what can be used to substitute an egg in order to bind a cake recipe together (either mashed banana or apple sauce and some baking powder are my favourites) there was no stopping me!

Here are a few of my latest creations;

In addition, here are a few vegan meals we have rustled up recently, to whet your appetite;

If the prospect of changing to a vegan lifestyle is far too daunting, why not just try a Meatless Monday? Every little helps, remember for each person who goes vegan, 90 animal lives per year are saved. One step at a time.

Until next time…


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