Going home to England’s Green and Pleasant Land

I have been quiet in the blogging world for a little while, but that doesn’t mean things weren’t happening. There are plenty of great accomplishments just behind me and some exciting times right around the corner. For one thing – I’m going home!

In less than 3 weeks I will be walking down the aisle and becoming a wife. That in itself is very exciting, yet pretty scary. Almost 18 months of planning is coming to fruition now, where does the time go? I am getting married at home and I am looking forward to heading back to England to see my family and friends (and having a chippy tea) and with only a week to go, it’ll soon be here. Even though I have lived abroad before, spending almost two years in Spain back in the mid 2000’s, this is the longest amount of time I have been away from home soil. Today I had a craving to take a drive in the English countryside and stop at a country pub for some lunch and a glass of cider. Whilst every country has its own beautiful scenery, I personally don’t think you can beat a spring time drive through England’s green and pleasant land. There are certain things which make home, home and for me that is one of them.

I’ll certainly be glad to see the back of my winter coat and boots; surely by the time I get back to Canada at the end of April I won’t be requiring their services any more? Now, I know I have said in the past that I love winter and blah blah blah, but after 4 months of it and yet another snow storm, it’s starting to get a bit tedious. Especially when people at home are informing me how warm it is and that spring has definitely arrived. Apparently it was 20 degrees in London today. It’s -5 here.

Wedding planning and arranging from the other side of the world has also been keeping me pretty busy over the last few weeks. It is time to put the finishing touches on things and pull all the loose ends together, but I can’t do that until I get home which is adding to my frustration and itchy feet syndrome.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy living in Canada and I love having my family so close by. I’m just ready for a little dose of England to pick me back up and keep me going for the next 8 months or so.

As for the recent accomplishments, there have certainly been lots of things to celebrate over the past few weeks. Firstly, I have now been vegan for 70 days, which I consider to be an achievement on the one hand and just a statement of fact on the other. I feel so much healthier for it and I’m certain that this is a decision I’ve made for the long term. By combining it with a regular workout routine, plenty of water and sleep (obviously!) and a lot of willpower, I have managed to lose 30 pounds since New Year. This also means that I have smashed the target Weight Watchers set me for my wedding goal when I joined over a year ago back in London, and not only that but in fact beaten it by 4 pounds and counting. I was so excited by this that I actually text the Weight Watchers leader to tell her. She didn’t have a clue who I was since I only went for 3 months and I stopped going to meetings last May, but she pretended she did which was nice of her.

Also, my wonderful cousins threw me an amazing Bachelorette Party (hen-do to the UK contingent reading this) which included ice skating, manicures, lots and lots of red wine, pizza, cupcakes, quizzes and dancing the night away. It was a fantastic evening and made me feel so special and loved. And I get to do it all over again when I get back to England. What a lucky, lucky girl!

In non-wedding related news, I started a new job since I last posted. It’s kind of an extension of my last job, but I am working on a brand new project and have a different job title so I suppose it’s a new job. And I was very lucky to land such a flexible and interesting job which was able to accommodate me leaving for a wedding on the other side of the world.

Another piece of wonderful news is that one of my best friends has welcomed her beautiful daughter Ella into the world since I last posted, which I am thrilled about! Yet another reason to be so excited to go home, I get to have some cuddles with not only precious Ella but two other new additions to the world, my nephew Aiden and beautiful baby Louis. And, on top of that I get to see just how much babies Isla and Freddy have grown since I’ve been away (and I get to have a chippy tea, did I mention that already?)

And to top this all off, I have had 6, yes 6, wins on Roll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons now. 5 were free coffees and one was a free donut, which I gave away as I am a lean, mean fitness machine. Not quite a car or $5000, but I am pleased with the rate of return on these wins and I am pretty certain this is the best marketing ploy ever.

So, that’s it for now. Happy spring everyone. I may be quiet for a while, England is calling…


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