Home-made Christmas?

Happy New Year to one and all.

I have been useless since I got a job and I haven’t blogged for a very long time. I have lots to tell, just no time to write it down! But I am still here and will try harder to post more updates.

In a previous post, I talked about wanting to make a home-made Christmas this year. Well, I tried and although I didn’t manage to home-make everything, the things I did make went down well (I think.) So here is a quick blog post to get us up to date with them all so that I can put your mind at rest and we can plod on happily into 2014.

Firstly, I created my own advent calendar. It was a simple pocket type made from card, gift wrap, pockets of paper and stickers. I filled it with Christmas chocolates and I only had the allotted one per day, I promise!

iphone jan 11 2014 044

Then I had a go at making my own Christmas booze – a lovely, sweet limoncello. This took about 3 weeks in total to make, you have to take the peel from about 6 lemons and let them soak in vodka for at least 2 weeks. Next, you have to make a sugar syrup from sugar and water, let it cool completely before mixing it with the lemon vodka (minus the peel) and strain it through coffee filters at least 6 times until clear. I then bottled it, added ribbon and some lemon candies and it was ready to go.

iphone jan 11 2014 260

I also made some Christmas tree shaped crayons for my second cousin Bryn by melting down wax crayons in the oven and then moulding them in a silicone mould into the shape of Christmas trees.

iphone jan 11 2014 261

This year’s mince pies weren’t up to scratch really as I couldn’t find all the same ingredients I usually use in the UK and I am still having trouble converting cups to grams as a unit of measure, but they were tasty nonetheless.

iphone jan 11 2014 259

And finally, I made some special, home-made bracelets for my cousins using glass beads. Simple yet pretty.

iphone jan 11 2014 258

I had a go at the Christmas wreath and got about half way there, but it really does require a LOT of baubles and I didn’t have enough so that project didn’t make the cut.

I was put to shame by my Auntie Alison though who made some fantastic home-made gifts including mittens, body oils from all natural products, a knitted dish cloth and some home-made toffee and chocolates, which were all divine and will mean I will have to up my game for next year. I should probably get started now…

So, that’s all for now folks. A quick post to get me back into the swing of things. More soon!

(For those who are keeping count (or care) I am now up to 23 US licence plates and 6 Canadian.)


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