The Toronto 109th Santa Claus Parade

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Yesterday after an enormous breakfast of pancakes, sausages and hash browns, which I defy anyone to be able to finish, we headed out to watch the 109th annual Santa Claus Parade downtown.

The parade is a not for profit event which relies on the help of volunteers and corporate sponsorship. It is broadcast on TV and more than half a million people attend each year. The tradition started in 1905 and was set up by the Eaton’s chain of department stores; with just one float featuring in the parade (can you call it a parade with just one float I wonder?) Today there are over 25 floats and around 1,700 participants. In 1983, Celebrity Clowns were incorporated and this remains a tradition today.

There are some great floats from companies including McDonalds (with Ronald McDonald doing a spot of compering and singing to the crowd), Lego, Tim Hortons and one with the Super Mario Brothers. Perhaps the weirdest float was the one featuring giant bobble-head type figures of One Direction along with a red English phone box and the outline of Tower Bridge? Very odd. The parade ends with the man himself, Santa, on a huge float talking to the crowd and calling out a guy near us who was wearing shorts.

It was a great way to begin to get into the Christmas spirit, even though Christmas is still quite a way off and it was unseasonably warm yesterday, it was good fun nonetheless. As I am feeling sorry for myself today and starting with a cold, I think I am going to use the Christmas inspiration to start my Christmas advent calendar project and perhaps watch Elf..?

Oh, and to update you, I saw California and Maryland yesterday, taking the license plate tally to 20 US and 4 Canadian. I bet you were just dying to hear about that?


4 thoughts on “The Toronto 109th Santa Claus Parade

    • suzannesmith20 says:

      Thanks. I have been following your blog with interest, seems we are both in a similar boat moving across the pond with our other halves? I watched the new John Lewis advert on YouTube last week and had a little cry myself. Nobody will ever do it better! Suzanne x

      • memyselfandatlanta says:

        We definitely are in similar situations – crossing the pond, planning a wedding and volunteering until we find the next move on the career ladder! Really enjoying your blog too! And there’s no shame in crying at the Joh Lewis advert!! The German gave me a funny look again last night when the tears flowed…I was not embarrassed at all!! Rachel x

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