Unleash your inner geek

When my friend Lyndsay and I were little, we went away with each other’s families a couple of times, always on a long and boring car journey. We went to Gretna Green at the Scottish border with my parents, where we were chased by a herd of cows and went to a glass factory, although I should point out these two things were not related, they were just the only highlights of an otherwise dull holiday. We also went to stay in a caravan in Wales with her parents and brother. To make these car journeys less boring, we called ourselves “Eddie Spotters” and used to make our forefingers and thumbs into spectacles around our eyes and shout this in a nerdy voice.


Let me explain; Eddie Stobart is a huge haulage company in the UK and each one of their trucks has a girl’s name written on the front. You see hundreds of them on any motorway journey in England and the idea is to track the ones that you see (shouting out and making glasses with your fingers is optional, but encouraged.) A quick Google search brings back lots of different Eddie sites such as StobartSaddos and SecretStobartSpotter is also here on our very own WordPress, which shows that we were not alone in this riveting game. It’s a game which takes a lot of dedication and commitment, with around 2,500 different trucks to spot, it could take a while.

photo (2)

I have now started playing the North American version of this – license plate spotting. I decided on our recent (small) road trip to Niagara Falls and on to Buffalo that I was going to try and spot all 50 US state licence plates and all 13 of the different licence plates found in Canada, although how on earth I am going to manage Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon or Nunavut is still something I need to figure out.

Crudely represented below by my child-like maps, you can see the ones I have already found and ticked off. The latest count is 18 US and 4 Canadian. And although I am very proud of all of them, I am especially proud of Texas and Florida which are both MILES away.

map 1

map 2

In Niagara Falls I saw 15 US states and 2 Canadian provinces in one day and I thought that I was the queen of this game. Last weekend whilst hung-over and trudging to the store to buy junk food, I happened to spot Indiana and after thinking for a minute “ah, forget it” I managed to go to all the effort of writing it down on my list. I am well and truly hooked. When I spotted Wisconsin, I might have been responsible for shouting “Go Packers!” at the driver who was stood next to his truck. Perhaps I am getting a tad carried away?

So, the search continues. And imagine my excitement when I came across this magnetic travel game online, seems everyone is at it. No..?

license plate game


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