I was wondering today, how elaborate do the things on your bucket list have to be? Is there any sort of criteria for what you can and can’t add to it? Does it have to be a list of things which there is something, other than yourself, stopping you from doing?


The reason I ask is that when I Google bucket lists, or read about other people’s lists online, they always include huge, life-changing things such as ‘climb Everest’ which you couldn’t just pop out one day and do. There would be months, if not years, of planning and training. Then I compare this to my list which includes, right at the top, ‘get stuck in a maze’ and I think that perhaps I don’t really have the right idea.

Maybe I know my limitations and I am happy with that? After all, who wants to die disappointed because they didn’t manage to sail solo around the world on a home-made raft, or some such nonsense? All I can conclude from my list in comparison to those of other people is that I, perhaps, will kick the bucket with a list that is nicely ticked off and a smile on my face. Or alternatively, I will die of starvation trapped in a maze trying to tick off item number one.

So, as I revisit my list and try to add some more items to it (and perhaps even tick a few off) I would be keen to hear the things which have made it on to yours? Don’t have a list? Start one now!! Dream big, people. Think of all those mazes out there…


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