Please be my friend!


I wanted to quickly share my embarrassment with you all and see whether you concur that my desperation to make friends is getting out of hand.

I was waiting for the elevator in the lobby of our building with a guy about my age, who had held the door open for me on the way in so we had already briefly conversed with pleasantries (hi, thanks, how are you? etc.) Anyway, we get into the elevator, standing side by side, me thumbing through the pristine, new copy of the bible I had just purchased, and by that I mean Brides Magazine, when he tilts his head to one side in what I thought was an attempt to read the front cover and see what magazine I was reading. So I hold it up and show it to him, smiling, to which he nods and smiles back politely, and then tilts his head to the other side and carries on stretching out his neck.

So, what do you think? Am I trying too hard?

Today’s Overheard Conversation – again on the phone so I could only hear one side and I have no idea who the lady was talking to, but I overheard this on the streetcar; “do you want me to come and meet you or not? Because if you say no now, and then later you say that you did actually want me to meet you, I will punch you in the mouth.” (You’ll be pleased to read that I definitely didn’t try to make friends with her!)


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