A wet weekend, but no rain..?

Fri 16th Aug – a pretty fun but very random afternoon spent on a boat of all places. After meeting Liz downtown and taking some motion sickness tablets (the taste of which was worse than actually suffering through any potential motion sickness) we set off in a cab to find the marina. The fact that I have survived to tell of this cab journey is a miracle. The cab driver, thinking the inside lane of traffic was parked, pulled out to go around it and tootled off. The inside lane was in fact the only lane and the traffic was stopped at a red light. So we were now hurtling along in oncoming traffic. The taxi driver frantically beeps his horn at a guy who we were about to have a head on collision with, still thinking he is in the right. As a testament to Canadian drivers, the guy stayed really calm, pulled up next to the cab, rolled down his window and just said “so you’re honking at me but you’re the one driving into oncoming traffic, eh?” If that was London, that would’ve ended in some sort of verbal/physical fight, but not here. So, we carried on our journey and spotted the left hand turn we were looking for, which the taxi driver takes without stopping or looking and almost knocks a guy off a bike. But, anyway, we made it! We met up with the guy who owned the boat (a work associate of my cousin) and his friend and set off on the lake for a lovely afternoon of boating. The aforementioned sickness tablets were actually not necessary, the water was calm and we sailed around feeling a million miles from anywhere and sipping wine. All’s well that ends well.


Sat 17th Aug – part two of the “wet” weekend came courtesy of my cousin’s husband Lou – aka Phil (a Modern Family reference, another great TV show I have only discovered since arriving here, see below, then watch it) and his misguided attempt to get the family to play a civilised game involving water balloons. Let me explain. On Saturday we went to my cousin’s house for a joint birthday party for my second cousins (who are 7 and 9.) It was a great afternoon and I got to meet up with my aunts, uncles and cousins who I haven’t seen for a few years. We had a bbq, some wine, a piñata, ice cream cake, etc etc and all was lovely. Until Lou (Phil) asked us all to go onto the lawn for some sort of game with water balloons. He lined us all up, gave out the balloons, was about to explain the rules and – got pelted with his own balloons. Game over. Thank god. An “A” for effort though, Phil.

Sun 18th Aug – on Sunday, Matt and I headed downtown to the Eaton Centre for the first of many shopping expeditions. The best part of the day for me was finding the sushi place called Sushi-Q. For anyone who knows my family, the Canadian contingent has called me Suzie-Q for as long as I can remember. Hence my sushi based excitement! The day was topped off by a few beers and a snack on Queen Street with the “family.”


Mon 19th Aug – why, oh why, has it taken until now for me to watch the series Luther?! An English programme set in London which I only start to watch now?! If you haven’t seen it, you must. If you have, thoughts? But I’m only half way through series 2 so please, no plot spoilers. Anyway, the reason for my ramblings is since discovering this gem of a programme Monday became a write off. I didn’t move from the couch, I didn’t get dressed, I didn’t even wash. I watched 5 episodes of Luther back to back and enjoyed every guilty minute of it. Then I had dinner and watched 2 more. Ooops.

Tue 20th Aug – and here I am again, in Tim Hortons, writing my blog. I am fully aware it is just an excuse to eat donuts and look intellectual but hey, I have to walk to get here, OK, so don’t judge! And I have a self imposed one-donut-per-visit rule, so I have it all under control! And at least I’m not on the couch watching Luther… or Modern Family… or Real Housewives…

(Sending a big hug to one of my oldest friends back in the UK, you know who you are and you know why I’m sending it! Love you x)

Today’s overheard conversation – I’m pretty sure I was sitting behind a guy and his probation officer today, so I’m probably not allowed to repeat what I heard…it was interesting though.


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